Ake Governor’s Grant Closes Soon

The grant which Lagos State Governor gives to 100 undergraduates in order for them to attend the Ake Arts and Book Festival will be closing in two days, Nov. 6. Students will receive N20,000 worth of book tokens which can only be spent at the festival bookstore. To qualify for this grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be from Lagos State
  • Be attending a tertiary institution in Lagos State
  • Be able to provide a valid student ID which will be used to identify you at the festival.

Students will also get a one-day pass to attend festival events and will receive the AABF festival pack which will consist of:

  • AABF Bag
  • AABF ID card
  • The Festival guide
  • African Writing (Ake Festival Edition)
  • Ake Review 2014

To apply for this grant, click HERE.

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