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Akwantuo Writing

Akwantuo is a platform for writing and writers focusing on Africa. Based in Accra, Akwantuo seeks to promote the Ghanaian and African literary community. Publishes writing and organizes workshops.

Accepts submissions from writers who have any connection to Ghana or elsewhere in Africa: either through heritage and/or subject matter.

Publishes fiction, non-fiction (memoirs, travel writing, non-academic essays, etc), poetry and graphic stories. The maximum word limit is 1,500.

Send submissions in the body of the email and in attachment as a .doc or .docx file to akwantuo@gmail.com. Write submission in the subject line and the genre of your work, i.e.: Submission: Poetry. Allow at least one week for a response.

Organizes writing workshops to promote habits of creativity in writers of all levels and as an initiative to promote a literary culture.

Submit: poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

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