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Jalada Africa

sixth Jalada Fear anthology.

Jalada Africa is pan-African writers’ collective. Does not pay. Aims to publish literature by African authors regularly by making it as easy as possible for any member to publish anything or execute any literary project as quickly and effectively as possible. Comments, enquiries, and letters to the editors should be sent to: letters@jalada.org.

Fiction: Each writer may submit up to a maximum of three works of short fiction or excerpts. Each piece should be no more than 5000 words. Translations of original or published pieces are welcome, and these need to be accompanied by a brief abstract in English. Pieces should be formatted as follows: 2.0 spacing, 12 Font Times New Roman.

Poetry: accepts poems in any language, which if not in English should be accompanied by an English translation. Send no more than three poems that do not exceed 10 pages. All poems by a single author have to be sent in one attachment, with each poem clearly marked. Pieces should be formatted as follows: 2.0 spacing, 12 Font Times New Roman.

Essays: welcomes scholarly and critical essays on the subject of Language and or translation. Also includes travelogue and memoir. All Essays must be in English, and must not extend beyond 7000 words. Pieces should be formatted as follows: 2.0 spacing, 12 Font Times New Roman.

Visual art submissions: Artists should submit 2 copies of any piece of art, for web and for print.

Resolution: 72-150dpi
min size: 1024×768
format: JPG
Colour space: RGB

Resolution – 150 – 300 dpi
min size: A5
format: TIFF/PDF
Colour space: CMYK

Each piece of art should include the following information: title of piece, year created (and if the artist feels it necessary, a short contextualising/descriptive text).

This category will also include all submissions that present language in a visual manner, from typographic poems and posters to all other forms of text and display typography.

Note: Wait for submission calls. All submissions must be sent to submit@jalada.org. Each story has to be sent as a separate Microsoft Word attachment, in the .doc format (no PDFs) and clearly labeled with the story title and the names of the writer and/or translator. Make sure to include the word, “Language” in the subject line of your email. Each submission must contain the title of your piece and word count.


Where applicable, the submission must contain both the original piece and the translation. All submissions must be accompanied by a biographical note, written in third person, and no more than 100 words in length. All submissions must be previously unpublished, except for the case of translations where the source text may have appeared elsewhere.


Visual artists are welcome to submit their work.

Please write to letters@jalada.org if you require more information.

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