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Jalada-Transition Fear Anthology Submission

Jalada-Transition Fear Partnership
Deadline: Jan 9, 2017.

Extending its fear anthology, Jalada has partnered with Transition on the project. Jalada-Transition will publish a collaborative issue, available in print and digital editions from June 2017.

There’s a lot of materials to cover on fear. Same, you can talk about fear through the lens of weaponized terror, general fear, or fear other others — touching on immigration, integration, and terrorism. Writers can also touch on people’s general fear of love, death, failure, crowded spaces, closed spaces, spiders, heights, etc.

You can send your fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art submissions to jaladaafrica@gmail.com or submit through Transition’s submission portal. Include “Fear” in your email’s subject line. Please do not submit to both publications eat the same time. If you already submitted to Jalada before the initial closing date of Oct. 15, please don’t resubmit again. The submissions will be considered.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction writers should submit up to three works of short fiction or excerpts.  Send each story as a separate Microsoft Word attachment. Please double space your work and write in Times New Roman, 12 font. Label your story with the story title and the name of the writer/translator.

While poets should send an attachment of no more than three poems, 10 pages in all. Mark each poem clearly and follow the submission formatting guideline: double-space and  Times New Roman, 12 font.

Essayists should submit a maximum 7,000-word scholarly and critical essay. Write your essay in Times New Roman, 12 font and double-space your work.

You can submit typographic poems, posters, display typography, etc. Art submissions should be as follows: 2 copies for web and print. Web resolution (RGB) should be 72-150 dpi with a min size of 1024×768 and saved as a JPG. Same, print resolution (CMYK) should be 150–300 dpi with an A5 min size and saved as TIFF or PDF. Include with your submission the title, year created and optional text contextualizing the piece.

In conclusion, your submission must include your piece’s title and word count. If you’re submitting a translation, include the original work too. Also submit a 100-word maximum bio, written in 3rd person.

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