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POPCAP Calls for Contemporary African Photography Entries

POPCAP Contemporary African Photography Prize

Piclet.org calls for submissions to POPCAP, a prize for contemporary African Photography. POPCAP is directed at photographers whose work engages with the African continent and/or its diaspora. The prize consists of global exposure at major international photography exhibitions.

Submitted works will be judged according to exposure focus/sharpness, colour and/or tonal rendition and lighting. Visual and aesthetic criteria include framing and choice of viewpoint, design elements and principles, appropriate application of photographic and/or manipulative techniques, and visual impact.

Content should have information, emotion or mood or feeling, relevance, and subject impact. General characteristics like originality, style, context, photographic vision, empathy, insight, and validity.

Photographs should be submitted via POPCAP’s website. Register for an account. Then upload your series of images and project statement.

Submission Criteria
  • Photographs must have been taken in an African country or deal with a diaspora of an African country.
  • The emphasis of the competition is on image sequences. Images must work together as a whole. We are NOT looking for single images or fashion/advertising/studio work.
  • Eligible are submissions comprising between 10 and 25 images.
  • Submitted images should be a minimum of 2500 pixels in width/height at 72 dpi and be no more than 5 megabytes in size.
  • Should your work be chosen for exhibition, we will ask you to supply high-resolution files that are suitable for print.
  • Collaborative projects are permitted. Entrants must be sure to note this in the description accompanying their submission.
  • NOTE ON COPYRIGHT: The images remain the property of the author and POPCAP requires a license to use the images in relation to the competition and promotion of the competition only. Photographers will be consulted, should we wish to use their work in any other context.
  • POPCAP is open to photographers of any age and descent.

There is no entry fee.

Deadline: Feb. 7, 2016

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