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Submit to Prufrock

Deadline: none.
A South African literary magazine, Prufrock accepts submission year round. Four University of Cape Town graduates founded the magazine in May 2013. The magazine features long-form non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photography, and illustration.
It accepts unsolicited submissions and has no restrictions on content or style. While priority is given to African writers, it publishes writers from all over the world. It will read and publish works writers of any background, nationality and/or residence. Also, it accepts works written in any South African language.
Prufrock Submission Guidelines
Submit one to five unpublished poems, no more than 120 lines each. Email your poems to Genna at poetry.prufrock@gmail.com.
Email acutely observed, rigorously researched reportage, memoir and personal essays, and critical essays to Simone at nonfiction.prufrock@gmail.com. Prufrock requires no length for your nonfiction submissions. However, it generally tends to publish pieces around 5000 words for reportage, and 3000 for memoir and personal essays.
As for fiction, email up to 6,000 words to Nick at fiction.prufrock@gmail.com. It will also publish excerpts from books. However, it asks that you indicate that it’s an excerpt when you submit and include publication date. Nick will also accept and read translated works of fiction. Same, it asks you to credit source text and author when you submit.
Most importantly, Prufrocks accepts both published and unpublished pieces. But, it prefers unpublished works. To reiterate, submit only unpublished poems, but can submit both unpublished and published works of fiction and nonfiction. In addition, it requests you indicate how, where and when your work was published in your cover letter should you submit published pieces.
Finally, include a brief (40-word max) bio with your submission. And direct all inquiries to prufrockthemagazine@gmail.com.
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