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Submission Call: 2017 RL Poetry Award

2017 RL Poetry Award
Deadline: Aug. 5, 2017.

The Poetry Mail invites you to submit to its 4th RL Poetry Award. Submit eight to 10 poems from manuscripts you currently work on or have completed. You can submit a mix of published and unpublished poems. Or, your manuscript can consist of only unpublished poems. Save all your poems as one single Word document.

Indicate on the cover page your name, country, nationality, manuscript title, each individual poem title, including if they’ve been published before. Also, write your entry in Times New Roman, size 12, left aligned. Place each poem on separate pages, with clear title.

You can only participate if you’re a poet who hasn’t had a poetry book previously published by a large press are eligible. Send your entry to submission@thepoetrymail.com.

The Trust will longlist 12 Indian poets and 12 international poets. Longlisted poets will then have to submit their full manuscript. Then, it will shortlist six Indian poets and six international poets. From the shortlist, the Trust will select an Indian winner and an international winner.

The Poetry Mail reserves the right to not publish any manuscript if not satisfied with the quality of work submitted. Finally, it will not cater to inquiries about the award selection process.

    1. Admin

      Praise, absolutely. Should you submit your poems, you will be considered as an international poet. Good luck with your submission.

  1. D. C. Chigbo

    Hi, Admin! What will happen to other 12/6 shortlisted poets when the best 2 poets are chosen? Should they be published? If yes, what will be their reward?

  2. D. C. Chigbo

    Hi, Admin! What will happen to the long/shortlisted poems when the best 2 poets are finally selected? Should the long/shortlisted poems be published? If yes, what will be the rewords of the poets who own the titles?

  3. Robert Asom

    Good day. I am Robert Asom from Nigeria. Is it that I can only submit my personal poems or can I add poems by another author also? I ask this because I can submit only seven personal poems right now. Thank you

    1. Admin

      It’s never a good idea to submit someone else’s work. That’s stealing, except if you mean submitting translations you did of another author’s work. Then, the translation piece is yours, but you would always have to indicate it’s a translated piece and who wrote the original.

  4. Felix Kalu

    The cover page where entrants will write their name, title of poem etc…is it on the body of the mail or in the attached document where the poems are written ?

    1. Admin

      A cover page is the first page of any document. So, your identifying information should be on the first page of the document.

    1. Admin

      Dear Simamkele, according to The Poetry Mail if you get selected because of the eight poems you submitted, you will be asked to submit a complete manuscript. Then, they will publish the winning manuscript.

      Please direct/tweet any other inquiry to @RLPoetryIndia with the hashtag #RLPoetryAward2017. Good luck!

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