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Submit to the RIC Journal Blue Themed Issue

Submit to RIC Journal - On a rolling basis
Deadline: Oct. 12.

It’s the Ric Journal’s anniversary month. And to celebrates, it calls for submissions around the theme: Blue, lapis-Vermeer-beyond-sea.

Send in words, images, sounds, dreams, landscapes, love letters, and more in the color Blue. Normally, the RIC Journal seeks experimental works including (but not limited to) essays, fiction, poetry, visual arts, impressions, sounds, etc.

It also offers no word limit and submissions can be both in Hindi and English. Published every month from Jaipur: Paris, RIC (Red In Corner) is a declaration, a dogma, a necessity. Saudamini Deo & Philippe Charlier edit the RIC Journal.

You can either submit to the Apocryphal or the Oniritheca section. To submit to the Apocryphal,  take any ancient incomplete inscription and complete it as and how you like it. Please note that any publication under the Apocryphal category will be anonymous. And, for the Onirithecam,  submit your strange, haunting, unforgettable dreams for a collective dream journal. Email your submission to ric.thejournal@gmail[dot]com or submit it anonymously here.

Also, you can submit your ideas by pitching the editors through email at ric.thejournal@gmail[dot]com. Do note that it presently does not pay writers and artists for their work. However, it considers submissions on a rolling basis.

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