The Bertha Britdoc Connect Fund

The Bertha Britdoc Connect Fund is the first European based outreach and engagement fund and is open to filmmakers from around the world. The Bertha Britdoc Connect Fund seeks to support smart, strategic outreach campaigns for ambitious independent documentary feature films with a social issue at their core; films which have the ability to achieve real change on a local, regional or global level.

The Bertha Britdoc Connect Fund grant funds strategic outreach campaigns for completed or almost completed documentary feature films.

Films have inspired people to engage and to act. They have led to changes in law, policy and practice. They have affected the way people give and/or invest money. They have led viewers to question the status quo and to care more about their communities and the world around them. But for a film to achieve all this, it needs a structured outreach and audience engagement plan, and the capacity to implement it.

Social impact can be achieved in a myriad of ways and we are looking for outreach plans that engage audiences, have identifiable goals and partners to help achieve them.

Grants will be in the range of £5,000 – £50,000. There are two application rounds per year.

Applications can come at the planning, trial, delivery or evaluation stage of a campaign. Films can apply more than once, for different parts or phases of a campaign.

If your project is highly sensitive and you would like to submit a more secure proposal, please contact Luke Moody either via initial contact: luke@britdoc.org or using the public key associated with that email. For some guidance regarding PGP email see: http://bit.ly/1BpYQg0.

The grant does not fund outreach campaigns for short documentary films or for fiction films of any length, development, production funding, completion funding, traditional distribution or P&A spend

Deadline: 14 April
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