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The Kalahari Review’s Igby Prize For Nonfiction

The Kalahari Review Igby Prize For Nonfiction
Deadline: monthly.

The Kalahari Review on Jan. 9 launched Igby Prize For Nonfiction, its monthly nonfiction/essay contest. Each month, a writer will win the $50 USD prize. Each month has a theme. Here are the themes by month:

  • January — Home
  • February — Relationships & Family
  • March — Night life: On the night life of cities and towns around The Continent
  • April- Freedom
  • May — Food
  • June — Pride (dedicated to the African LGBTQ community)
  • July — Work
  • August — Where I live and why
  • October — Comfort/Discomfort
  • September — Travel
  • November — African Writers of the Past
  • December — Festive Traditions

When submitting to editor@kalaharireview.com, specify in the query letter that you’re submitting to the Igby Prize For Nonfiction and the theme of the month.

The email subject line should state your name and title of the work. Write in the body of your email a query letter. And in the query, include: an explanation of the genre your submission is (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, personal essay, photography, visual art — etc.) as well as contact details, country of origin, your Twitter handle if you have one, a link to your blog or website and a short bio written in the third person.

Also, do not submit more than one submission at a time. Simultaneous submissions are ok but let Kalahari Review know when your piece has been accepted elsewhere. Your submission should be single spaced and attached as a Microsoft Word document.

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