Whicker’s World Foundation Film Awards

Whicker's World Foundation Film, TV and Audio Awards
Deadline: Jan. 31.

The Whicker’s World Foundation Film offers fours awards for creativity. First, it awards £80,000 to the winner of its TV and Film Funding Award. It will select the most promising authored documentary pitch as the winner. Submitted pitches should fulfill the core criteria of the foundation and would be able to be completed for screening. The winner will receive the money in installments. Whicker’s World Foundation will also grant £15,000 to a film fund for the runner-up.

Also, it offers other awards such as the Radio and Audio Award, Audio Recognition Award, and Sage Recognition Award. All winners will win the £5,000 prize while the runner-ups will each get the £2,000 prize. For more information, visit the Whicker’s World awards page.

Whicker’s World Foundation Submission Requirements

To apply for the £80,000, submit:

  • The title of your project, a two sentence hook for your project, and a <300 words about how your project meets the criteria.
  • Your name, date of birth, age on submission deadline day, contact details, address, your role in relation to the project.
  • And a link to teaser footage (on Vimeo) with a password, likelihood that you’ll meet the film’s deadline, and the foundation’s publicity agreement.
  • Also, a <2000 word synopsis of your project, an estimated budget (in GBP) of various elements in production and post-production of the film, any existing funding or plans for future funding, details of your production company (or project account/fiscal sponsor), details of your executive producer
  • Lastly, your background in documentary making (if any), 50 words on how you learnt your filmmaking skills, 50 words on what inspires you to make documentaries, 50 words on how the funding will benefit your project, 50 words on why an audience would really love your film, if you or a member of your team will be able to attend a live pitching event in June 2017, your compliance with rules on transferring funds, your agreement with our terms and conditions.

Please check the requirement page for the other awards. And send in the required document by filling in the online application. If you have any questions, email info@whickersworldfoundation.com. The foundation will contact you if you get shortlisted. Finally, it will announce the award winners at Sheffield Doc/Fest in June 2017.


Featured photo is from Whicker’s World Foundation’s Facebook Page

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