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FIYAH Sundown Towns Submissions

FIYAH, quarterly speculative fiction magazine that features stories from African Diaspora.
Deadline: April 30.

Submit stories and poems by and about people of the African Diaspora to the FIYAH Sundown Towns edition. FIYAH pays $150 for short stories, $300 for novelettes, and $50 for poetry. According to Fiyah, “Sundown Towns exists as neighborhoods or communities that enforce segregation through the exclusion of other races via discriminatory laws, intimidation, and threats of violence.”

Fiyah wants unpublished stories and poetry about literal sundown towns or essential concepts related to the idea of sundown towns. Therefore, submit either a 2,000 – 7,000-word short story or a 15,000-word or less novelette. Also, it will accept “speculative poetry that struggles, reveals, instructs, comforts, and fights back.”

Concepts used can tackle topics such as space and belonging. Also, address the power dynamics inherent in hostile spaces. Address questions like what makes such a space unsafe for marginalized people? For what purpose do people create these spaces? How are they violated, forgotten, or transformed? And how are they destroyed?

The magazine wants well-written, high-quality stories, easy to read on a screen. Also, you can submit up to four poems. Each sent separately in its own email. It does not accept simultaneous submissions and only accepts submission from authors from the African diaspora. And, it strongly encourages submissions from women, LGBTQIA community, and other underrepresented communities.

Email your submission to submissions@fiyahlitmag.com, using “FICTION/POETRY SUBMISSION: [Story/Poem Title]” as the email subject. Also, insert in the body of the email a cover letter. Attach your submission as a doc/docx file to your submission email. FIYAH will not accept stories pasted into the body of an email.

Especially relevant, submit your story in proper short story manuscript format. So, write your name, address, email address, and the story’s total word count on the first page.

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