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Jacaranda Books

Jacaranda Books

Jacaranda Books publishes adult fiction and non-fiction, including illustrated books, which cross linguistic, racial, gender and cultural boundaries – books in many ways as cosmopolitan as our city.

Interest in works related to Africa, the Caribbean, and the experiences of those peoples in the Diaspora,  Jacaranda Books seeks provocative, inspirational writing that shines a light on issues affecting ethnic minorities, women, and young people, and tackles contemporary social issues.

Jacaranda Books accepts submissions of adult fiction and non-fiction, including crime, romance, illustrated books, biography, memoir, and autobiography. Interested in books particularly where the central character or theme relates to minority groups and/or has strong female protagonists. Seeks original works from or about African, African-American, Caribbean and black British artists working in the fields of photography, fine art, fashion, and contemporary and modern art, and artists of calibre from the soul, blues, R&B and reggae traditions.

All submission should include: a cover letter and writer resume, a detailed synopsis of the book or project, 2 proofread sample chapters and where relevant a chapter outline, and an artwork or photographs in .jpeg format accompanying an illustrated book submission.

Please send your submissions to office@jacarandabooksartmusic.co.uk

Submit: adult fiction, non-fiction, illustrated books, biography, memoir, and autobiography

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