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Submit to Q-zine 15th issue

Submit to Q-zine 15th issue
Deadline: Sept. 10, 2017.

Q-zine invites visual artists from Africa and the African diaspora to share work that speaks to or about the queer experience in the broadest sense. For its next issue, it focuses on new developments in African visual arts from a queer perspective.

The team welcomes photography, painting, drawing, video, digital art, or any other visual medium submission. Also, it encourages artists at all stages of their careers to submit their work.

Q-zine also calls for all kinds of reviews, artists profiles and interviews, and fashion shoots. Send submissions in either English or French to editor@q-zine.org.

When submitting art, include a caption (max. 100 words) commenting on the work. And, link each file to its caption. Also, include the location and date of photos. Submit the images as high-resolution TIFF or JPG files.

photography, fashion, and style can be in color or black and white. But, ensure to include the name of the designer, the models, the makeup artist, and photographer. Also, provide a short description of the work, the contact address of the artist (including Facebook page), website, boutique address, and prices of work featured.

For your feature interviews, you can profile artists, performers, photographers, filmmakers, or anyone else involved in visual arts. Do include a brief introduction with some critical commentary on the interviewee’s work. Also, edit your interview to create a narrative flow. Stick to the recommended length of 1,000 to 1,200 words.

You can also write your reviews on exhibitions, festivals, plays, films, web series, television, and dance. The reviews can be retrospective or focus on current or soon-to-be released work. Also, they can focus on a single work or review a related group of work. Stick to the recommended length of 1,500 words.

Finally, direct all inquiries to Mariam Armisen at marmisen@gmail.com.

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